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Wyclef Jean

Working closely with the all women label and distribution team at Heads Music has been a unique experience in my career. They continue to push boundaries and exceed every expectation placed upon them. Heads Music distribution really has your back when it comes to getting the most out of the entire record distribution process!


PRICE'S debut solo album CLRD., comes on the heels of partnering his newly launched label “CLRD Ent.” with veteran music executive Madeline Nelson's all-woman owned and operated music label and distribution company Heads Music. His latest album F.O.E.S. released on March 26th, featuring lead singles “Selfish”, “Amistad”, and “Bad Dreams”.

Jazzy Amra

I’ve been working with Heads Music since 2015 and they have surpassed every expectation I’ve ever had of a label/distribution company. Being that Heads Music is all female staffed it showed the world that women can dominate a predominantly male industry as diligently and successfully as they can. They have impacted my life in a major way. Anybody who considers working with them will feel the same guaranteed.


Cokah is a fierce rapper from Brooklyn, New York, here to change the narrative for female artists altogether. When it comes to her creativity and art, she delivers in all facets of her life: from singing and songwriting to acting, dancing and poetry, Cokah is a true artist. Describing herself as “a little struggling girl out of Brooklyn with a big dream,” the sky’s the limit when it comes to her artistry.

Jeremy Torres

Influenced by musicians such as Carlos Santana, Jimi Hendrix and Prince to name a few, Jeremy Torres wants to live his life playing music, writing songs and sharing it all with the world. It’s never been about the numbers for him but creating a huge musical family throughout a lifetime so his name lives forever.

Ida Tolou

Working with Heads Music has been a grateful experience. Madeline is the most inspiring and wisest person I’ve ever met. With her encouragement, guidance and support, she has helped me to grow into the artist I am today. I feel safe knowing that I have a team that always has my best interest, and believes in my artistic vision.


Drastic is a two-time Grammy-Nominated Songwriter & Award-winning Entertainer hailing from the island of Antigua. Drastic released his hit single “Show Up” on April 3 featuring Wyclef Jean and Noah Powa; an energetic blend of Caribbean, Hip-Hop and Pop sounds.


My journey with Heads Music so far has been great, they’ve been supportive of me in and outside of music but also as I’m getting ready to build my own label, my manager has been teaching me what owning a label is like and what it takes and how much pressure comes with the job.

Jemere Morgan

I love working with heads music distribution! Mostly because of how efficient the team is and plus that it's only women that work at the label. When I decided to go with heads music as my distribution for my single “My Kingdom”, they told me that they will help me build my streaming numbers. The first goal was to get my record to 100,000 streams in a week, and we sure did accomplish that! - Thank you to Maddi and the team over at head music distribution.

Hannah Eggen

Multi-talented performer hailing from the small island of Bermuda, Hannah Eggen is a singer, songwriter, dancer, musician, and actress. Since her days on Bermuda stages, Hannah has traveled the world as a lead dancer, choreographer, and stage movement coach, while also growing her career as an artist. In July 2020, Hannah released her debut EP 8:46, which can be streamed on all major streaming services.


Arsonal has battled across the nation and around the globe. As he gained notoriety in the field Arsonal ignited the rap scene and rose to super stardom claiming his title as the number one battle rapper in the nation.

Kyra Clark

Heads Distribution has been such a huge help throughout the entire distribution process of my latest single. Having gone through this process with other online music distributors, Heads really stands out in terms of guiding you every step of the way and helping with the specific details of what is needed for your song to reach its maximum impact upon release. There was consistent communication with real people throughout the whole process. I would highly recommend working with Heads Distribution.



Submit your music and artwork at least 3 weeks before the release date.


Music & Artwork guidelines


Heads Distribution will deliver your music to all music platforms.


Heads Distribution will send you a checklist to make sure you are registered for all platforms needed to collect royalties.


You will receive a log in for the Heads dashboard where you can view your royalty collection, streaming stats, and purchase stats, along with your music metadata like ISRC code(s), UPC code(s), and more.

Explore a new way to release your music

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