Not your average distribution company


At Heads Music Distribution we strive to create a safe space for independent artists.

We understand that you, the artist, should feel empowered. We are not only here to distribute your music. We are here to educate you, so that you can have the power over your own career.


Distribute your music on the largest global platforms in the world

We believe It is the perfect time to be an independent artist

We pride ourselves on our 3 T’s – Technology, Transparency, and Teaching.

We believe all artists should own 100% of their masters.

HeadsMusic provides the community, technology and expertise for artists to feel truly supported and in control of every aspect of their music.

We provide comprehensive sales data so you can see where and by whom your music is heard.

This will aid you with your marketing and promotional strategies.


Heads is a One Stop Shop to distribute and promote your music and collect royalties

We assist you step by step with release strategy.

We generate Smartlinks & Pre Save-Links so that you can engage your audience

We host free Bi-Weekly workshops with industry rockstars because we believe information should be free and abundant.

We help you pay royalties to co-writers, producers, side artists, features, and anyone else who created the song with you.

Explore a new way to release your music


Madeline Nelson is the founder and CEO of Heads Music, a boutique music company in New York City that is dedicated to “true artist development.” The label is the first of its kind, and is led and staffed entirely by women, a reflection of Nelson’s dedication to making sure that women have a voice within the music industry. Her dedication to her work and fighting for her beliefs has been forged through Nelson’s career in the music industry.

The team

Courtney Nolasco

Operations and B.A.

Shannon Marie

A&R Admin and Artist Development

Helen Forman

Logistics and Admin

Eliza Berse

Brand Strategy

Kaiya Nyasha

Social and Digital Strategy
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